Images of Women in Literature

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After reading “Brooklyn” by Paule Marshall and “One Off the Short List” by Doris Lessing, I learned about the different ways in which someone can be viewed as a sex object. The first story “Brooklyn” was about a Jewish professor and an African American student’s interaction. The professor Max Berman was an older white Jewish man who attracted to a graduate student in his class. Ms. Williams is a African American woman who is also a graduate student who is registered in Max Berman’s class. Both of the characters have been alienated from their culture. The story Brooklyn is about a Professor Max Berman being attracted to a Graduate student Ms. Williams. Mr. Berman was a sixty three year old cigarette smoker; it speaks about him smoking…show more content…
Williams was a strong character who does not tolerate disrespect or abuse. She knew what Professor was capable of prior to arriving to his home. She was not worried about if he would harm her or not because she view him as fragile. Professor Max Berman dealt with Miss Williams as a sex object because he barely viewed her as his student but as a woman who had an interest in. He didn’t speak of wanting a relationship with Ms. Williams but spoke of her skin, her body, and everything she did and said turned him on. When she was swimming he used her body to visually be pleased. Her presence was viewed as intimate to him. Barbara was a pale, slim girl with yellow hair. Barbara was also a well-known stage decorator who was also the recipient of competitions. One night Graham had seen Barbara, across the room at a party. She speaks with a well-known actor. Graham walked over and said “We have met before, Graham Spence.” She replies by saying “I’m sorry but I don’t remember but how do you do?” then she continued her conversation. She then invited others to her house for drinks but Graham was not invited. He had set in his mind that he wanted to be with Barbara Coles. In his mind he thought “Yes that one.” He went home and spoke with his wife about a date with Barbara Coles; he spoke about the date as if it had already been arranged. He had been married for 20 years. He had a good wife, and their marriage was
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