Imaginarium Case Study Analysis

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IMAGINARIUM - CASE STUDY ANALYSIS IMAGINARIUM - CASE STUDY ANALYSIS I M A G I N A R I U M BUSINESS CONCEPT Manufacturer, Purchaser, Seller and Retailer toy business that sells a wide range of quality and carefully selected toys to children at the best price, with the best customer service, with qualified staff and in a well-located fun atmosphere store. • Company´s Mission: Taking a fun approach to the human development of boys and girls throughout the world. • Company´s Objective: To help children learn, imagine and discover. • Target Market: Kids ages between birth and eight to nine years old. • Product: Wide range of careful selected quality toys (educational, would “play” with children, were not sexist, racist or violent) with…show more content…
• Price: Try to sell at lowest price (different prices depending on the product, does not specify how much). • Place and Distribution: Well-located stores with a fun atmosphere carefully decorated and adapted to children needs. The national and international distribution, restocking and shipping were very efficiently managed. • Promotion: Tena spend little on advertising. The promotion was mainly done by handling catalogues at the store, imaginarium club (activities, events, inauguration of new stores, and gift promotions) (Navegalia, banners on other portals and major public relations campaign that included TV, radio and press releases in different technical, business journals and media focusing on the family). FUTURE CHALLENGES • National and International Expansion: A).- Pros: profit growth, company positioning, becoming a leader of the market, expansion, increase the power with the suppliers, increase sales, etc. B).- Cons: adapt the business for constant expansion (in all departments) and market entry barriers. C) Strengths: Tena had previous experience on the toy industry. The company is prepared in the financial (company´s balance sheet and profit and loss account showed satisfactory results)and human resources (they have qualified personnel). Strong

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