Imaginary Maps By Mahasweta Devi And Heart Of Darkness

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The darkest of hearts is the most ignorant and tormented. The human capability of being evil and hateful is undeniable. As a species, humans can be selfish, vicious creatures. For these reasonings the theories of good and evil exist to separate humans into two sub groups of personalities. As it seems, everyone is capable of evil, and everyone is capable of good. In the novel Imaginary Maps by Mahasweta Devi and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, the readers are thrust into colonized and post-colonization settings where indigenous groups are exploited for their resources and rejected for their cultures. Imaginary Maps author Mahasweta Devi is an outspoken activist on the care and treatment of natives in India. Imaginary Maps is a fascinating story which interconnects facts involving the treatment of natives and a fictitious plot and characters. Although a fiction, the story actively reviews the dos and don 'ts of being an activist. As well as a guideline, the book also gives insight into the divide between natives and what is considered “civilized” society. Imaginary Maps centers around journalist Puran as he delves into the tribal region of Pirtha and discovers the indigenous cultures and epidemic circumstances. Heart of Darkness is a classic novella following the protagonist, Marlow, as he journeys through the colonized Congo as a captain of a steam boat. Whilst on his journey, the reader gets a sense of the treatment and racism exhibited upon the native Congo people by

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