Imagination By Langston Hughes: Article Analysis

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In this article, Hughes talks about the importance of including social issues into theatre and how people from journalism has perfected it and used it as a tool to address the issues of journalism more effectively. It tells the story of twin sisters Margaret and Allison Engel’s venture into documentary theatre. Their opinion about theatre is quite contrary to what we would believe. “Writing for the stage isn’t really so different from writing for a newspaper. You’re telling a narrative.” says Allison. The elements of journalistic excellence – Research, reporting and storytelling – is also essential in writing for the stage. Many a times a play has been written based on real life incidents which has a social perspective to it. For example,…show more content…
This article, as the title suggests, is about young Egyptian reporters developing innovative journalism and business models amidst political arrests and censorship. The article starts with the incident involving Egypt’s Justice Minister Mahfouz Saber. Saber expressed the opinion on National television that a law graduate whose father was a garbage collector could never become a judge because “a judge must come from a respectable environment, materially as well as morally.”
Within minutes, social media was buzzing with calls for Saber to step down. Even the mainstream media joined in. Less than 24 hours after the interview aired, Saber resigned, an unprecedented outcome in a country where just a few years ago ministers were immune to public opinion and accustomed to remaining in office for decades.
This is only one of the new incidents which showcases the rise of public opinion in a country where state and corporate media rules large. The state-run media empire alone is made up of newspapers, radio stations, and TV networks that employ some 74,000 staff. State-controlled outlets have little or no credibility among Egyptians but remain on autopilot, with millions of dollars of government money keeping them
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