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The days of selling to a buyer alone are slowing dying. Companies sell products that have a wide effect on the client and require approval from many levels. Success in complex sales is the result of clear planning and effective execution. This requires careful coordination of many resources on both the selling and client side throughout the sales process. What is team-selling? Team-selling is using the resources of a company to sell an account using all relevant decision makers. The goal of team-selling is establishing long, lasting profitable relationships between people, product,and companies. Team-selling provides an ideal process for account managers and specialists to work together to serve a client. "The place and time to use…show more content…
Focusing on these fundamentals will build sensitivity and trust among team members (Spiro et al 2003).

Planning Presentations

Sales presentations should be simple not overwhelming with information a customer may not be able to remember. The goal of a sales presentation is to sell a solution to a customer, that solution being the product or service of the salesperson. A presentation must be relevant, make a connection with the product and the prospect, be to point, use showmanship, be animated, use physical demonstration, and belief in the product.

In a team-selling environment, one person could give the presentation, one could answer questions, or however the team decides to set up the presentation. The one thing that should not happen is each person give there own presentation on the same product; do not confuse the customer. All team members should be clear on roles and responsibilities. A team should always be together so all members give the same answers and information to the customer.

Selecting and Recruiting

When hiring salespeople set of qualifications and a job description with the duties the salesperson will do should be established. Many companies use outside agencies to help screen and find the best candidates, with some candidates working on a temporary basis. Time, organizational and territory management skills will be extremely important in a candidate for a sales position. Recruitment should be a continuous activity, allowing for top applicants
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