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Imaginative creative activity Write what the purpose of an imaginative creative activity is. What is imagination? What is an imaginative activity? What is the purpose of an imaginative activity? Why are imaginative activities important? Why would people take part in imaginative activities? Who would participate in imaginative creative activities? Give clear examples of how they can take part (give an example of an activity) and explain why they are suitable and why service users will benefit from taking part in the activities. E.G children, adults, older service users. Imagination is preforming new ideas, images or concepts of objects that are not already present to the senses Creative activity Painting…show more content…
Good for fighting against conditions such as Alzheimer’s, because it makes their memory stronger. Memory loss - Painting will boosts imagination so they think more widely and outside the box. Also strengthens the memory and expresses the brain to explore and will encourage them to be more imaginative. Will be happier that they remember things, making them more confident. Hearing impairment- Will get them more deep-thinking about things and they will have a good strong concentration. Feel joyful with people reactions and joyful when doing their painting. This will help them gain self-esteem. And they will be thoroughly emitted to painting. And they will think of it as their hobby so they are not bored and feel alone. lack of mobility sensory- This can It help focus energy so you are mentally stable. Introducing your body into a calmer, more focussed state of awareness, also healthy for the brain because it helps them express their feeling through a painting piece. It will help them be Less anxious, relaxed and not self-conscious. Impairment- Will boost self-confidence. Painting makes us more human, This way they will be more confident because they will feel like they don’t have nothing wrong with them. They learn to communicate in different ways, will benefit people with lack of communication or people that are shy and have autism or other disabilities. Photography Photography is capturing a moment and fulfilling a lifetime of memories. It’s about capturing them once in
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