Imagine A Stern, Frightening Boss On A Comedic Tv Show.

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Imagine a stern, frightening boss on a comedic TV show. There is always an episode when the boss tells an employee if he’d like to go see “HR” in their office. As soon as the employee hears those two letters a shiver goes down his spine. He gulps as he responds to his boss with a faint “NO” and the audience laughs. Human Resources is petrifying according to Hollywood, but why is that the case? HR is portrayed in this manner because Human Resources is the department in a company where one is either hired or fired, among other things. So in the example of the TV show, the man was terrified of speaking to HR because he immediately thought he would be fired making his reaction humorous and relevant to the audience. In this research paper, I…show more content…
Personnel Management managed all of this, but they were purely a staff function with no involvement in company strategy or operation aspects. For that reason, the transition from Personnel Management to Human Resource Management occurred. Human Resource Management had similar responsibilities as Personnel Management, but they were more specific and detailed. The jobs were also more important than Personnel Managements. The main difference from the two was that HRM was directly interlinked to the core business operations and Personnel Management had no involvement (Nayab). To this day, companies across the world require a Human Resource Management department in order for their company to run smoothly and successfully. If there had been no creation of Personnel Management or HRM who knows how it might have affected companies today.
Human Resource Management systems were created to do many jobs. However, the most known responsibility that HRM has is hiring new employees. HRM takes many steps when preparing for interviews with potential employees. The

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