Imagine Coming Home To Your Father Or Mother And Them Forcefully

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Imagine coming home to your father or mother and them forcefully beating and having sexual intercourse with you. Imagine having so much fear you cannot tell them to stop or fight back. Imagine your older brother holding you down with his hand covering your mouth so you cannot scream. This scenario is tragically the everyday life for many children today. The constant wondering or trying to understand why they deserved this mistreatment. Unfortunately, “over three million children a year are suspected to be neglected or abused from reports from the Child Protection Services” (Bartholet). Children who have been neglected or abused have been linked to multiple behavioral problems that is a national, yet under alarmed, issue (Winters). These…show more content…
“Sexual abuse is divided into four categories: traumatic sexualization, stigmatization, betrayal, and powerless” (Kinnear). Traumatic sexualization is due to inappropriate sexual experiences which results in the child avoiding sex or has problems with sexual identity. Stigmatization is based off the child who blames themselves for the abuse they encountered. The victims may feel guilty and withdrawal from their friends and family. Betrayal is the third category, which is defined based off children being sexually abused by a trusted adult. This could be a family member or a friend they have known. The result ends by the victim having difficulty trusting adult figures. The last category is subjected as powerless. Victims who experience this category will feel helpless. They do not understand how they can stop the abuse and will feel overwhelmed from it. Abused victims will experience one of these categories from being neglected (Kinnear). Physically, there may be indications of sexual abuse. A child who experiences sexual assault has a biological effect which results in numerous forms. Not every child will show these indications, but when examined by a medical professional, there are common signs that show the child has been sexually assaulted (Kinnear). The biological perspectives relate directly with the physical development of the body and the brain. These signs include: pregnancy, venereal disease, semen in the vagina, a torn hymen, vaginal injury, injury to the penis
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