Imagine Laying On The Warm Beaches In Puerto Rico. With

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Imagine laying on the warm beaches in Puerto Rico. With every step the sand gushes through each toe while the wind blows softly. Try to visualize the sunrise rising above the trees every morning while drinking their finest native coffee. Puerto Rico is the perfect place for tourists to go for a relaxing vacation. This Caribbean island is full of activities to keep everyone busy, with its lovely scenery and culture. This island never disappoints because of their exotic black sand beaches and their home-made cuisine. Some of the main reasons that Puerto Rico has so many tourists is because of their glamorous culture, tasteful food and beautiful scenery.
Although Puerto Rico is part of the United States, its culture varies. Many of the
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However, picky eaters have the option to enjoy fast food restaurants along the island supplied by the American food chains. After enjoying a satisfying meal next comes the dessert. The most common dessert served on the island is flan, a sweet, custard mold flavored with caramel. Other than their fulfilling meals Puerto Rico has some of the most delicious drinks. (“Food and Drinks.” Puerto Rico) tells that their national drink, Piña Colada, which was invented on the island. Also, their rich coffee has been produced on the island for over 300 years. This Puerto Rican coffee was served in official state dinners at the White House. Under President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909), Puerto Rican coffee formed into being part of the breakfast served at the White House every day. Puerto Rico’s location closely between other countries has influenced their style of cooking. African slaves influenced the Puerto Rican kitchen tremendously by introducing the use of plantains, coconuts, and by frying the food. The mixing of flavors and ingredients in Puerto Rico has been passed down through the generations. Throughout the years the style of Puerto Rican cooking has changed, but it will never lose the authentic feel whenever cuisine is involved.
As a tropical Caribbean tourist destination, Puerto Rico has everything. Throughout the island, it has gorgeous beaches, some with warm
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