Imagine Making A Million Daily Sales In Your Online Marketing

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Imagine making a million daily sales in your online marketing simply because of using emotion trigger words that will get your costumers buying without blinking their eyes. Now picture yourself persuading them using simple words that will get them to buy from you and even go ahead to recommend your products to their friends, networks and family members. How can this be done, you wonder. Well, the strategy is simple and easy to try. It is called psychological hypnotism for persuasion and has been extensively used by successful crisp copywriters, online marketers such as Neil Patel and Scot Oldford, companies like Uber and Amazon, charity organizations such as SOS Children 's Villages and World Vision.

Hypnotism works by changing ones
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However, if on the other hand you wrote 'Buy snoring aids ', the reader would most probably walk way since their conscious mind would tend to question why they need to buy snoring aids.
The power of imagination works on everyone from a tender age. Young children are thrilled by fairy tales and mythical stories because the power of imagination is still at play in their lives. Adults on the other hand hide themselves in a veneer of reality which can however be unmasked by sneaking through the critical mind.

How to Use 'Imagine ' in Your Online Marketing Strategy

1. Create mental and enticing pictures into the minds of your customers using the words 'imagine ', 'visualize ', 'picture ' and 'envision '. Suggest to them what how life would be good/easy/enjoyable if they bought your products. You could also ask customers who have already bought your products how they are using them and how they changed their lives. Use these narratives to create more pictures in your copy.
2. Use call to action statements that will leverage the imaginative ability of your customers. If for example, you are selling a weight loss eBook, your checkout cart could read, "Welcome to the Slim World". If selling a snoring aid, it could read "To Sound, Fitful Sleep".


Human beings have a tendency to seek rationale in everything before they attempt them. They want to know why things happen the way they do. An elementary school teacher might for
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