Imagine One Day You Wake Up And Suddenly You Don’T Know

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Imagine one day you wake up and suddenly you don’t know where you are. You are completely lost and unaware of what is happening. Yesterday was a normal day that you spent with your loved ones and today you don’t even know who your loved ones are. You get out of your bed and walk down the stairs into the kitchen, which is full of your family. However, you don’t know any of them at all. You look around and your brain is making no connections for you, everyone is a stranger. This is what happens to Alzheimer’s patients: they slowly begin to lose their memory. In the beginning, it’s little things with memory, but they don’t seem to have a huge effect on everyday life. Then, it moves on to greater memory loss, beginning to affect daily tasks,…show more content…
The disease is broken into three categories, each with worsening symptoms and mental problems. Mild Alzheimer’s is the beginning, with the start of memory loss and cognitive problems. Then is moderate, where there is now damage to the brain in the areas that control language, reasoning, sensory processing, and conscious thought. The final step is severe, in which people are unable to communicate and require full time care (“About Alzheimer’s Disease: Symptoms”). The disease shows a huge progression over time and current treatment plans are not able to target the disease itself. As of today, the current treatment plans for Alzheimer’s disease is medication. The medication focuses on helping the patient maintain their current level of mental function as well as reducing their symptoms. Medications such as; donepezil, rivastigmine, and galantamine are all used to treat the symptoms of mild and moderate Alzheimer’s patients. For those with more severe forms of the disease, namzaric is used. The drugs help to regulate the brain by helping maintain thinking, memory, and communication skills (“About Alzheimer’s Disease: Symptoms”). The drugs are currently helping to stop or reduce the symptoms but with them comes many limitations. The drugs that are being used have multiple limitations. They only target the symptoms and do nothing about the underlying progression of
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