Imagine The First Day Of High School Classes. The Beginning

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Imagine the first day of high school classes. The beginning of a new chapter, brimming with possibility and opportunity. One student looks at their schedule, created by their high school guidance staff with the help of the interest inventory collected on the last day of middle school. Success! Geology, Geometry - everything that student needs to move forward towards college. Another student, whose high school uses an automated scheduling software, looks with dismay. This student struggles with math. However, the schedule placed the student in college-preparatory math that lies beyond their* knowledge base. Because the counseling office appointments are full, they are not able to see their counselor until the drop date for classes has…show more content…
Many students do not have access to mental health services outside of school, and thus they rely on these support services during their school day. Automation of these services would inhibit student access to these services, as digital scheduling and appointments would tightly bind counselors to schedules, limiting the amount of time for unscheduled appointments and student emergencies. Because guidance counselors also serve as class advisors, they need daytime access to students so they are better able to create an action plan for high school and college. Because college admissions are increasingly competitive, guidance counselors personally serve the students and parents of their community by providing personalized recommendations for each student. In El Segundo, CA, for example, the guidance counselors hold parent workshops so parents can better understand how to help their students as they apply to college. They also hold workshops for students to help tailor their life experience into a successful college application. Over their years of experience and personal relationships that have developed over the students’ years in high school, they can connect on a deeply personal level to create the best possible opportunity for the student. Automating this opportunity removes the personalization from this experience, disconnecting students from their education. A computer or scheduling software cannot tailor schedules to best fit
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