Imagine Yourself A Young Woman On The Verge Of Adulthood.

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Imagine yourself; a young woman on the verge of adulthood. Regardless of the unknowns and the fears, you nevertheless find yourself independent in your thoughts, confident in your abilities and strong-willed in your actions. However, 18 years is not enough to completely empower you, it simply lowers the safety net. A safety net of dependency, financially and legally to a guardian or parent. A safety net for you to fall back on for absolutely anything you’re unable to provide for yourself. Furthermore, imagine yourself deciding on your education; pursing a large University far from home—maybe even in another city. Imagine that safety net becoming less and less available to you; all the while your bills and expenses become more and more…show more content…
However, controversy has remained with Planned Parenthood, especially since it is the federally funded. Something many people want to do away with. Now, the impact this would cause, if federal funding was removed from Planned Parenthood; imagine the difficulties many women, not just those entering womanhood, but women in general will have to face—especially those with very little access to resources. Planned Parenthood is an organization that has many clinics across not only America but also is expanding to some countries in Africa and South America. This organization is a place where women and men are more than welcomed to go to receive healthcare. Planned Parenthood has also supported women and men’s partners, as well as children. This organization is a leading provider of high-quality and affordable health care in the nation. Planned Parenthood is also the nation’s largest provider for sex education. Many people do not understand the depth of this organization. When the media speaks of Planned Parenthood it is usually them bashing this organization for abortion. Little do they know, only about three percent of all Planned Parenthood’s health services deal with abortion. In fact, 80 percent of patients that are seen at Planned Parenthood receive services to prevent unintended pregnancies. This organization has helped prevent approximately 579,000 unintended pregnancies in just a single year. Now, looking back and comparing that

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