Imagine a World without Genetically Modified Organisms ?

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Imagine a world without any Genetically Modified Organisms. It will be a horrible scene with many people starving because they don’t got the money to buy organic food Organic foods are more expensive because they say they have no pesticides but Genetically Modified Organisms are just the same and larger, also cheaper.. There will be people dying because they don’t got a lot of food and also World hunger was never solved so billions of people are starving to death. Genetically Modified Organisms are also known as GMOs or GM crops. These crops have genes from other organisms. But when they have the genes they are larger tougher and better than organic food. Which one would you choose smaller crops that are way more expensive or larger and cheaper crop? Genetically Modified Foods are a good things. GM crops can be the answer to World Hunger, GM plants can have different toughness that can help them survive in different climates, like strawberries can only survive in warm weather but the GM version is able to live in cold weather and in other climates. GM plants are also cheaper and there the same things as organic food but bigger.Some skeptics might say that Organic plants are more healthy for your body and it’s better. But they don’t seem to realise that GM plants are cheaper and healthier. GMO can solve World Hunger. 2 billion people in the world can’t afford to buy food. If there are Genetically Modified Organisms then we are able to feed these people with cheap and
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