Imagined Dialogue Between Notable 18th and 19th Century Women

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Dialogue between Notable 18th & 19th Century Women Author's name Author's institutional affiliation Author's note Dialogue between Notable 18th & 19th Century Women Mother Jones: My dear Angelina, thank you so much for joining me for tea. It is a pleasure to confer with a fellow activist for women's and human rights. Tell me, how are you today? Angeline Grimke: Mother Jones, I am happy and honored to receive your welcome. I am doing well, though, of course I would be much better off if there were some significant changes in the world, including the eradication of prejudice and injustice based on ethnicity. Mother Jones: I agree. We have been born and live in interesting times. I was born toward the close of the 18th century, and your lifespan has taken place fully within the 19th century. Though we are only some years apart, we are united in our causes and our intentions. Angeline Grimke: Agreed. As you may recall, I am born and raised in the south, but specifically South Carolina, a particularly conservative state. Even as young girls on the plantation, my sister and I felt the seeds of rebellion plant and bloom within our bosoms. It became abundantly clear, through the torture and enslavement of Africans, how obvious the subordination and suffering of all women in the United States were experiencing. Mother Jones: My background is a bit more international than yours, hailing from Ireland, and living in Canada before immigrating to the United States with my
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