Imani All Mine Analysis

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Imani All Mine is the story of Tasha, a fourteen-year-old unmarried mother of a baby girl. In her ghettoized world where poverty, racism, and danger are daily struggles, Tasha uses her savvy and humor to uncover the good hidden around her. The name she gives her daughter, Imani, is a sign of her determination and fundamental trust despite the odds against her: Imani means faith. Surrounding Tasha and Imani is a cast of memorable characters: Peanut, the boy Tasha likes, Eboni, her best friend, Miss Odetta, the neighborhood gossip, and Tasha's mother, Earlene, who's dating a new boyfriend African-American culture is primarily rooted in West and Central Africa, and the majority of African-Americans have ancestry among the Yoruba people. Doing
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