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Art Critical Analysis Mount Analogue is a post-modern artwork by Imants Tillers painted in 1985. This work can be said to be a post-modern piece as Tiller has utilised several techniques common to this style. Bricolage is the creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available. In this case, Tiller, out of necessity, created his canvas board system. This particular artwork is an appropriation of the rather majestic painting ‘North- East view from the northern top of Mount Kosciusko’ by Eugene von Guerard, produced in 1863. Tillers has re-contextualised the work and given it added value for the present time. ‘Mt Analogue’ explores ideas of authorship and originality through his use of appropriation. He has…show more content…
Tillers has a distinctive artistic style that is easily recognisable. He has a strategy of appropriating images from reproductions of artworks and other sources, and re-working them. Each board is like a grain of sand on a beach, or stone on a mountainside – all go to make up the whole. In painting his work, Tillers dramatically enlarged the scale of von Guérard’s colonial image, creating a new work in its place. It is of a monumental scale when compared to the original. The new sizing meant that the image was at once more present to the viewer, giving the impression that one can enter the landscape, but also more abstract, due to the grid left by the canvas-boards. Tillers’ painterly surface jar with the parts of the boards that don’t quite match, forcing the viewer to see this as appropriation, the illusion of space, the changes in perspectives. Tillers copies the form and line of the original piece, following an organic, natural shape and line. The shapes are irregular, yet the canvas-board system distorts the overall image to give a muted geometric feel. They boards give strong angles and create a sense that a grid has been laid over the environment. The organic shapes create forms that are three dimensional, giving depth to the mountain landscape. A sense of balance is achieved between the stormy sky and the rugged mountain tops. The texture of the sky also contrasts with the texture of the landscape. The eye is directed by the caped figure’s wide

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