Imc Campaign Honesty

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The IMC campaign title is “HONESTHESIA: Be the Cure” which came from the medicine drug “ANESTHESIA”. It aims to “inject” or to put into the mind and in the heart of the students the value and importance of honesty during elections in order to reduce “pain” or to reduce the dishonesties and lies to happen during election. Elections have been practiced a long time ago; it’s one way for people to exercise their suffrage to vote to appoint their desired leaders. Philippines as a democratic country used election to appoint officials like senators and president. But with every election, news about vote buying, malicious tampering of votes, fraud and other dishonest acts increases. These kinds of acts are a start of an…show more content…
This is not an honest election because people are not basing their votes to the personality of the person but they are basing it to how much money they receive. The result of these kinds of dishonesty is that those people who won the election by the use of vote buying and tampering will get involved into much greater dishonesty called corruption. Corruption is another type of dishonesty, this is where the money that is used to implement projects or promotions to their place are not used in a proper way, instead, they use it for another purposes where the people can’t get the benefits from it. They must use the money in a way that citizens can benefit from it because the money does not belong to them; it belongs to the people of the Philippines We can help stop these kinds of dishonesty during elections by spreading awareness to people about how dishonesty can lead to things that we don’t want to happen. Our campaign will help spread this awareness by doing things and fulfilling our creative and media strategies like giving of shirts, baller and posting it to various social media account By doing this, we can help spread awareness and we are hoping that we can lessen or completely extinguish those dishonesties that are happening during elections to avoid corrupt leaders in the
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