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Integrated Marketing Communications: Nike
Ashford BUS 615 (MOE1540A)
Dr. Paula Zobisch
October 12, 2015

Nike is known worldwide for manufacturing and selling performance shoes as well as shoes that have become a part of the world’s most fashion savvy athletes and laymen alike. Nike has a great corporate image and boasts the likes of the wildly popular classics such as the Air Jordan, the Air Max, and the Air Force One shoe. Nike has clearly devoted time, research and energy into its company marketing and branding tactics. The very well know slogan “Just Do It”, has become a household phrase. In this paper, we will look at the integrated marketing communication tactics (IMC) used by Nike. We will analyze their
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Another traditional marketing tactic has been to utilize super star basketball players such as Michael Jordan to advertise their products, namely shoes. When the only option was print or television, Nike used star athletes to showcase their products and influence the decision of shoe buyers. Couple the desire to play like Michael Jordan, with slogans that make the average feel invincible and you create brand magic.
Looking at the marketing flow chart, Nike has always had a clear vision and mission. The company has used the power of words to influence how buyers of athletic apparel think. Nike has also taken those words and backed them up with a product that has delivered quality over and over throughout the years. Through clear objectives and strategy to become the largest athletic apparel name brand, Nike has succeeded in being viewed as both trendy and classic. When you look at the difference between digital venues and traditional venues, digital amounts to the trendiness, while classic equates to the traditional approach they have maintained. This leaves no room for improvement in their tactics. If a company uses integrated marketing communications to ensure that every message through every channel is consistent and targets the right audience the marketing efforts will be successful.

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