Imc and Brand Building

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IMC and brand building
In this essay, the integrated marketing communication is discussed. Integrated marketing communicated plays an important part in the brand building process. Brand is the central of the IMC. And an effective IMC can help the business build the positive brand image. After introduce the relationship between IMC and brand building process, Bee&Flower are the example of brand building using IMC and get the great process. The advertising, the international marketing, and the sales promotion are the main ways for them to build their brand image and promote their products.

Before introduce the relationship between IMC and brand building process, IMC should be defined.

“IMC strategy as a set of processes that include
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The advertisements put emphasis on the quantity of the products and win the audience’s trust of the products. The advertisements face large audience which can strike effective responsive to the business. Bee&Flower can be known as more people, especially young people who are now reawake the advantage of Chinese goods.

Internet marketing
Several years ago, the products of Bee&flower can just be found in the supermarket or convenience store. With the development of the internet market, Bee&Flower began to enter into the internet market., the internet supermarket, begins to sell the product of Bee&Flower and people can see all the information of the product. Beside that, the experiences of using the product are shown in the web to be consulted. The advantage of the internet marketing is this method faces the consumers who need the products.

Beside that, Bee&Flower use social network such as renren or weibo to build its public praise, it spread its positive image of the brand and win the good opinion from the comsumer, which helps the business build the brand and maintain the brand identity. Low-key propaganda and the quality of the products make consumers feel good of the brand and its products. With the increasing of the sales volume, the great brand image is also built in young consumer’s mind.

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