Imf And Wb Into Africa

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It was extremely difficult to find a lot of resources upon which the World Bank or the IMF had a project that created problems for a nation that received its assistance. I, however, found some sources that talked about the involvements of the IMF and WB into Africa, and these sources hint on Ghana, which will be hinted upon throughout the paper. The IMF and WB were set up after the war world two (International Monetary...). These two entities were made to prevent similar economic crises that have happened after war world two with Europe and the United States (International Monetary...). This role of the IMF and WB has changed over the years to becoming a loaning agencies for developing countries. But, in order for a region or a country to get a loan, the IMF or WB impose regulations, policies, and goes as far as controlling governments which takes the country or region down as they are trying to “help”. These policies and regulations are very similar to how a developed economy operates which is not always a right thing to do for several reasons that will be briefly discussed throughout the paper (Economic Globalization). A good example of this is Ghana. Ghana has an abundance of natural resources (How the World, 2015). One of which are some rice farming communities in the northern parts of Ghana (How the World, 2015). The government of Ghana supports some of these farming communities to produce rice on a large scale (How the World, 2015). This rice is produced to feed
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