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IMF OR WORLD BANK. THE PROJECT One of the World Bank or the IMF project that was developed is “Rebuilding Infrastructure.” It was set in motion to aid the rebuilding of Infrastructures in countries that were ravaged by, during and after World War II. The project (Rebuilding Infrastructure, under the supervision of IMF and World bank), was originally intended for, and as a principal supervisor on agendas such as poverty reduction, quality education, provision and availability of pure and clean water for all, steady development of employment and job availability, mechanisms to stabilize value of currency, exchange rates and facilitation of currency exchange, dispute resolution systems, Offering loans to aid economies in crises etc. NEGATIVE OUTCOME OF THE PROJECT Much plans never came to reality because of the critics and pressure coming in, which in response, IFM and Word Bank started offering loans based on strict conditions. critics did not only considered some of the initial plans of the IFM and World Bank as rather too partial and in favour to those that are largely in control of the system and owned it but argument still lingers that it could and has eventually lead to privatizations, trade liberalization, and high interest rates in so many countries today. In many African countries today, the IFM and Word Bank project has lead to dumping of cheap and substandard products in the market. Such items as clothes, shoes, creams are just amongst many others that flood

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