Img Case Study

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1. Who controls (captures) the value from IMG’s relationships with its talent? Is it the agents? IMG? Someone else? Explain your answer. 
 The relationship between talent and IMG brings value to its clients, whether corporate clients or individuals, and to IMG as a whole. On the other hand, while IMG does employ roughly 3,000 people, it seems as though these agents capture relatively little value, given that the company has had trouble retaining employees. IMG has been successful in creating mutually beneficial relationships with clients, where it helps athletes to negotiate attractive deals to increase their personal value in exchange for a commission. IMG has brought many individual clients enormous wealth. For example, in the two…show more content…
I also believe that their venture into event management and ownership of events and stadiums was a good idea. It provided the company with a steady income without the same level of reliance on individual clients. This business helped IMG to gain control over the entire sports industry. Owning facilities allowed them to bypass the rules and schedules of facility owners and provided cost savings because it no longer had to pay a percentage of ticket sales to promotion owners. Starting the Licensing Division also proved to be a very valuable move for the company, although it originally seemed risky. Two other areas I think were very sensible for IMG to delve into were consulting services and financial planning. IMG already had the knowledge and capacity necessary to offer consulting services, so it was very logical to leverage this expertise into a profit generating service. Existing IMG employees also had the potential to advise clients on their investment decisions, so offering this service was a smart way to attract clients as well as earn additional revenues. I think that it was somewhat less compelling for IMG to enter industries in which it had less expertise, such as the music industry and modeling. Although representing these individuals may require many of the same skills as representing athletes, I believe that IMG may have been exploiting its power at the expense of smaller,
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