Imitation Of Life Is A Film Directly Focusing On The Relationships

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Imitation of Life is a film directly focusing on the relationships between mother and daughter. Although the main characters, Annie and Sara Jane, and Lora and Susie, seem similar in their relationships, the film juxtaposes them in terms of race. On the surface, the relationships presented are, at best, considered to be normal struggles between mother and daughter. Analyzing the specific trials and problems will reveal a difference in Black motherhood and White motherhood. Annie and Sara Jane face racial and identity issues, that cause the relationship to shatter. Lora and Susie encounter a sense of abandonment and loss of love, which in turn creates a divide between them. While jointly living, and raising their girls together, Annie and…show more content…
By her obvious exaggeration of a Southern domestic worker, she is playing into the stereotype that her mother has created for herself. Sara Jane chooses to get revenge after Annie askes her to take something out to the guests, as that request could associate Sara Jane with her mother’s race and domestic servitude. Sara Jane wants so desperately to pass as a white girl, but is constantly reminded of her race just by her mother’s appearance. Their relationship is completely shattered by the end of the film, with Sara Jane refusing to have anything to do with her mother. The dynamic between Lora and Susie as mother and daughter is slightly different, with their relationship focusing on Susie’s feelings of abandonment and missing love. One of the only confrontational scenes pertaining to these issues between Susie and Lora occurs near the end of the film, with Lora becoming upset that her daughter did not tell her about her budding love of Steve. Annie spills Susie’s secret infatuation, and this causes Lora to confront her daughter about her romantic feelings. Amidst this quarrel, Susie exclaims, “You’ve given me everything but yourself!” and proceeds to list of the ways that her mother tried to contact her, without physically being near her in person. This outburst is a

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