Immanuel Kant And The Human Mind

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DeWitt 1 Anthony DeWitt Ethics 1130 Mr. Schrappe Mill vs. Kant Immanuel Kant is commonly considered a key figure in modern philosophy. He is most prominently known for considering that the rationality of the human mind is the main source and structure to everyday experiences. Kant believed that our mind and our various sensibilities allow us to be reasonable and make moral judgements. This particular concept Kant presupposed revealed that traditional sensibilities had it wrong thinking that our minds are mirroring the things around us, rather our reality must coincide to the minds active concepts in order for humans to experience anything at all. Thus making reason and the human mind the most important facet of any experience.…show more content…
Let’s say you forgot your wallet at your apartment and you wanted to watch a movie at the movie theater. You notice that the person at the ticket counter is overwhelmed in various organizational tasks in which has forced him to have his back towards the ticket window and become sightless to any incoming customers. You could easily slip by the ticket counter and get into the movies for free. Now you ask is this okay morally to do this? When applying this scenario to the Universalizability Principle you are essentially approving the principle of action (sneaking into the movies) universally. You’re saying that everyone should sneak into movie theaters without paying. So if everyone snuck into movies without paying than movie theaters wouldn’t have money to provide for themselves, therefore movie theaters would eventually disappear and then no one would be able to watch movies. Since Kant’s universal law is without contradiction, this example of sneaking into the movies isn’t universalizable. Through Kant’s formulation, this explains that it is not fair for a person to make an exception for themselves to sneak into a movie, since it clearly shows that in a world where sneaking into everything is okay is almost certainly not okay. The second formulation from the Categorical Imperatives is The Formula Of Humanity. This concept tries to show that you should not handle humanity for your own gain or with no thought to the interests or
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