Immanuel Kant 's Theory Essay

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Krystal Bennett May 5, 2017 PHIL 1301 Final Paper Immanuel Kant’s theory is one that is completely different than those of Descartes. He disagrees with logic of Descartes, Kant believes that existence isn’t something that is a property of discovery, it is something that is real on its own terms. Kant believes that that rational explanation is insufficient without human freedom being a part of the equation. Just because one can provide a good reason and logical explanation on something doesn’t mean that it carries reality has to be the case. Kant believes that the reality of an experience must embody those logical laws. He constantly attacks rationale or logical explanation on morals because its more than just following rules. If it’s not…show more content…
If an individual is doing drug are the interfering with themselves is it considered self-harm? Is there a such thing as self-crime? This will bring us to the topic of drug use. Kant mentions suicide and it is considered self-harm, you are ending your autonomy and interfering your life. Being that self-harm is when a interference takes place and a third party has to step in would it be necessary for that to happen if the individual isn’t interfering with their own life but doing drugs. Direct harm would be considered very similar to the harm principle, it is only when harm directly inflicted on an individual. Indirect-harm would be when you allow very 18 to try drugs. It could potentially ruin or effect society negatively. When it comes to consent, that would be when an individual in voluntary on the actions taking place. Drugs are only used as an means to an end or as an mere object. There is no other benefits that take place with drugs. Could consent be given? Is there anything good that comes from it? Enslavement is when something keeps you from being able to have full autonomy and keeps you from making those choices and having free will. Drugs could very well do that and I think Kant would very well agree that once you do a drug you are enslaved to it. You will constantly have to have it.
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