Immanuel Kant's Respecting The Humanity In A Person

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Jeff Bezos the CEO and founder of Amazon has a unique work ethic, and one he demands his employees uphold as well. He believe in the conventional ideals of hard work and dedication, but to him they take on a whole new meaning. However, according to Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld; Bezos is seeing just how far he can push white collars workers before they break. Looking through the lens of Immanuel Kant’s respect for person ideology I will evaluate the morality of what Amazon is doing to its workers.
In the article “Respecting the humanity in a person” Bowie brings up Kant’s argument about treating people with respect and dignity. Kant says “Act so that you treat humanity whether, in your own person or in that of another, always as an end never as a means only.” By saying this he is encouraging people to be thoughtful and considerate of others no matter the setting in which you find yourself and them in. Because people are self-governing, reasonable, autonomous beings; people are worthy of respect. In this paper while addressing most of the points this statement makes, I will be focusing most prominently on the last part of Kant’s quote; “Always as an end, never merely as a means only”.
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If they hadn’t Amazon would be out of workers by now. Secondly, because we cannot go on a case by case basis for the thousands of employees that Amazon has; we are going to assume none of them were coerced. The United States has many other opportunities available for those well qualified. Furthermore, Amazon only accepts those it deems highly qualified; therefore, for the purpose of this paper we will assume that no employee was coerced. Indeed former employees in the article admit to having other opportunities career wise, but selected Amazon because they “internalized Amazon’s principals” (pg.

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