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This paper about me will include my views and motive for getting a college degree. As well as my own individual learning styles, which are based upon tests that I have taken. This individual paper will include my opinion and outlook on my learning styles and how this affects my future and education endeavor. Motives for seeking a college degree stem from both individual and career goals. The motives for achieving a college degree for my individual advancement, is that I would like to further my educational and academic knowledge. I would like to be able to say that I have continued my education and now have gained a college degree. I believe that it is something that my family and I can be proud of, and would like to accomplish what my family has since both my parents have achieved this also I don’t want to let them down lastly to set an example for my future children. I love to play basketball and I have to commit myself to the classroom as well as much as I commit to the basketball court. You can be committed to doing your best in many ways. The first way to be committed is to play hard every time you step in the classroom or on the court. When you are committed to the game you know you will want to play it all the time. You need to be committed to the classroom if your

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