Immeasurable Dangers In The Process Of Hunting In Richard Connell'sThe Most Dangerous Game?

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Immeasurable dangers are hiding in the process of hunting. The bullets that were not shot towards the animals represents that what originally the hunters planned can undergo a drastic change once they entered the field. On one hand, In Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford, an experienced and innocent hunter was accidentally involved into a murder on the way to the Amazon. On the other hand, Kenny in “Hunter in the Snow” was murdered by his friends, Tub and Frank, whose guilt could be proven with abundant evidence.
Despite how the hunters were involved into the hunting, they did not successfully shoot any desirable animal. Firstly, Rainsford fell from the yacht and floated to the island with the wave, and his journey to the Amazon was terminated by the General’s hunting game (Paragraph 30-35). Rainsford beat the General with his wisdom, but he had no opportunity to seek for the real prey. Although there was no eligible prey killed, Rainsford gained more superior understanding of animals’ mind while his personality was re-shaped from a reasonable human being to a savage beast, the transition period of which was evidenced by the native Ugandan trick that killed Ivan, and his adventurous jump from the cliff (Paragraph 198-201). Furthermore, the three hunters in “Hunters in the Snow” lost the track of the deer, and Kenny became Tub and Frank’s prey. Since Kenny was extremely inquisitive Tub and Frank’s secrets, they intentionally exsanguinated him on the
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