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When I read the play Accidental Death of an Anarchist for the first time, I took notes on post-its. Although I was looking for scenes that I could use in this notebook, I managed to touch on possible themes that I thought showed up throughout the play. I also noted not just the characteristics of each character, but what characteristics the cast member would have to have to play the part successfully (in my opinion). As I finished the acts, I made a short summary on the most important content I had touched on. This included themes I had noticed, characters involved, and points on interest in the play. After I had recorded this and finished reading the play, I went through and recorded the following; • My Immediate Response- I noticed that the…show more content…
Although my scene needed more of a stagnant set, with definitive types of furniture, the interactions between the actors and the set were something that I was definitely interested in looking into. The cast of Curious Incident also had an insane amount of energy, which was necessary for that type of show. Accidental Death of an Anarchist is similar in energy level (if done correctly), so the ways that the actors harnessed their energy in Curious Incident was of great interest to me. While reading this script and thinking about how to get my actors to achieve the energy necessary for this show, I thought about the times in Curious Incident where the energy was at its highest, and where the energy was at its lowest. A very memorable scene in Curious Incident that surprisingly had an extreme amount of energy was the scene when Christopher Boone (protagonist) and his father, Ed, have a completely silent moment for at least five minutes. It was an extremely powerful scene because the connection the actors had, and how they controlled their entire body to convey a message without using
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