Immigrant Farmworkers as a Vulnerable Population

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Immigrant Farm Workers as a Vulnerable Population Ronda LaVigne HCS 531 August 29, 2011 Doris Chimera, RN, MA, MHA Immigrant Farm Workers as a Vulnerable Population This essay will provide an overview of immigrant farm workers as an example of a vulnerable population in society. A sample population demographic and background information about the community provides characteristics and context about why this group constitutes a vulnerable population. A discussion about the challenges and disparities farm workers incur when accessing health care with an assessment of the impact on federal, state, and local health care delivery systems. Key stakeholders in public and private domains are noted outlining…show more content…
Farm Workers account for 13% of the United States workforce fatalities but make up less than 3% of the workforce (McCauley, 2005). Should the need arise for this group to access health care the inability to communicate needs makes obtaining a history and physical very challenging. Further complicating correspondence is the fear of deportation and inherent hesitation to provide information. This holds true not just for crisis intervention but for transmission of care plans and follow up care. Education levels add to the challenges and disparities that this vulnerable population faces. According the United States Census Bureau (2000) “ 25% of Oxnard residents have a ninth grade level educational attainment, 15% have completed grades nine through twelve but not received a high school diploma.” Because the majority of the residents in Oxnard are Hispanic with a median age of 30 this fits the profile for farm workers in Ventura County. An assumption is made that a significant number of these individuals function as farm workers. Education levels coupled with language barriers compound the ability to successfully communicate. It is hard to remember that full grown adults may have comprehension levels of teenagers when introducing new information. Written information in their native language does not overcome language barriers if it is written at too high a level or if the patient cannot read. In
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