Immigrant Influence On Culture And Society

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The United States has been called different terms when describing immigration, the most popular term was “melting pot”, but lately the more politically correct term is “salad bowl”. The melting pot better describes American society because the cultures have blended together and became more accepting of each other. The history of immigration in the United States has been greatly shaped by immigrant influence on culture and society, the nation’s fluid immigration laws, and how incoming immigrants are perceived by the population of each era.
Immigration in the U.S. has been greatly shaped by immigrant influence on culture and society. Immigration has had a huge influence on the American society, the first thing that comes to mind is the food. The United States has so many different kinds of foods because of immigration. As mentioned in The Influences of Immigrant Cultures on American Cuisine, “Primary among the influences has been the introduction of immigrant cultures into the “Great American Melting Pot” resulting in an eclectic cuisine unique in the world for its diversity and surprising homogeneity” (2011, 11) . All Immigration in the United States has been influenced by many cultures, for that it was called the “melting pot”. Today, the some scholars believe that the U.S’s population is more accurately described as a “salad bowl”. The term is changing because though the cultures in the U.S. are blended together, but the individual cultures are kept intact. Dr. Mahfouz
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