Immigrants And Farm Workers

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Like many other areas over the past years, the U.S has seen a rapid increase in immigrants who have come to the states seeking better lives for their families. These immigrants, like those throughout the U.S, are generally tough workers and make important contributions to the economy through their productive labor. Most immigrants usually fill essential service jobs in the economy, which are vacant. Unfortunately, like new immigrants during the course of the U.S, they experience conditions that are commonly deprived, oppressive, and exploitive. They are paid low wages with little potential for advancement, are subjected to hazardous working conditions, and are threatened with losing their jobs and even deportation if they voice dissatisfaction…show more content…
However, there are few people who value the hard work of immigrants. Steve Murray, a farmer explains how it is hard finding people to work in the agriculture industry, not everyone wants to crouch on their knees for more than 8 hours a day picking fruits and vegetables under the heaping sun. He did not vote for Donald Trump because his business would suffer if the new administration carries on plans for the mass deportations of illegal immigrants (Rancano, V). American businesses want and need these workers because, without them, their business would not succeed considering that immigrants are the few individuals that are willing to work all for the benefit to help out their families and friends in Mexico to improve their way of living. An illegal farm worker says, “You think an American is going to be pruning pistachios, we came in from the fields, nine hours pruning pistachio trees” (Rancano, V). It is these type of individuals that are being forced to work for long periods of time in a day, all for the chance to improve their financial status and their way of living. The belief that immigration would simply…show more content…
But companies actually invest and expand to gain the higher profits that the new labor allows. This provides new opportunities for immigrants and domestic workers. Although, there is already a reform that Barack Obama had established as a positive step for the thousands of illegal immigrant Farmworkers, where it is estimated that about 2.4 million farmworkers labor farms and ranches to bring food to the American tables. This executive action would relief all immigrants from being deported and would contribute to the low wages, poor conditions and extensive illegal practices in agriculture (President Obama’s
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