Immigrants And Immigration

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Australia is a country with a diverse culture,and immigrants are an important part of Australian population. Because Australia is underpopulated due to a low birth rate, negative population growth will have adverse long-term effects on the economy as the population ages and the labor market becomes less competitive. Because of these reasons the Australian government has a policy which encourages immigration. Immigrants might affect Australia in different ways such as economic and environment. Immigrants have significant influence for Australian economic in positive ways, for example economic growth, population growth and solve the aging problem. There is a simple relationship between immigration and economic growth. More people joining the production cause the economy keeps growing. The more population makes economic growth because more people buy more products. The increase in migration helps GDP growth and keeping Australian economic strong. And due to amount of the highly educated migrants ,Australian has significant change of technology. For example in the IT industry, medical and architect. On the other hand Australia's population is ageing quite rapidly. The number of Australians aging more than 60 will double after 2050, as reported by projection of the 2015 IGR. (Carvalho, 2015). In this situation government has to increase the welfare budget. However, huge number of migrants could change the structure of population ,because young labor force are the main

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