Immigrants And The Reality Of An Immigrant

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“Immigration” a controversial issue that argues two sides, the perspective of Americans and the reality of an immigrant. As a daughter of parents who migrated to the Unites States from El Salvador, I personally believe that immigrants are the correct side from what the Americans see or believe; however, just like anything else there will be two different sides; the good immigrants and the bad immigrants. For example, first, the US has immigrants with different types of crimes committed. Then, we have the issue of jobs with immigrants. Third, an additional issue is the cost of having immigrants that has many questions regarding the benefit. Last but not least, foreign language has been an accommodated at the United States and has been under…show more content…
We’re taking back this neighborhood from the gangs and returning it to the residents who live there.”
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck feels that by displacing the gang members, the city hopes to reduce their ability to congregate and control a neighborhood. This is the bad side of immigrant criminals which contradicts my support with immigrants because I feel Americans are right on not allowing them to migrate to the US and do whatever it takes to send them back to their countries and press charges if they were to re-attempt on migrating to the US. The US should consider helping other foreign countries by giving some help in finding solutions on how foreign country residents can feel safe and succeed in their own countries.
On the other hand, we also have other kind of crimes done by immigrants that are at a different opposite extent from immigrant gang criminals. These crimes can be justified because all these immigrants want is an opportunity to strive anything they could not achieve in their countries because of limited/no sources, limited/no opportunities, and/or bad circumstances of country. We have immigrants who have committed the crime of falsifying a matrimony with an American citizen. The meaning of this action is where an illegal individual processes a false matrimony and proves the US Department of Homeland Security that the individual can meet the requirements to become legal in
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