Immigrants And Women In Canada

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Health, a basic human rights an important factor for development. Though Women is most societies live longer than men because of biological and behavioural factors (WHO, 2009 p-xi) but WHO is worried that in some societies this factors are subdued by gender base discrimination 2009 report of WHO named “Women and Health stressed that the health needs of women and girls are different from men and are the needs are met far from the expected ones.
The report further stated that though men and women share many similar health feature but the differences of women needs much more attention. Immigrants in Canada has been taking an important role of nation building as of recently Canada has been allowing immigrants 1% of its population. According to
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Considering the core working group of women category (25-54 years) The employment rate of recent immigrants whereas Canadian women in the same women was 57.1% compare to 69.7% of the same age group of women in total immigrant population. Whereas Canadian women in the same group would most likely to be employed with an employment rate of 79.2%. The unemployment rate for the core working group was 8.8% compare to 5.2% of native born women of same age (Women in Canada: A gender based statistical report: Tamara Hudon October 21st 2015).A statistical report of 1995 reveal that the presence of Immigrant women in construction, product fabrication or primary processing occupations are 16% compare to Canadian born women and there by 9increasing the risk of occupational safety factors. Occupational health and safety factors are also explicit concern for immigrant women working outdoors.(vis and jce,weinfield Dupree,Abdool…show more content…
The immigrant women have greater life expectancy as compared to Canadian born women. [Ontario Immigrant Status Report Chen and Willkins and NG (1996)] and had longer lives without disability and dependency [Chen and NG and Willkins (1996)] .This is further evidenced by findings based on the rate of affected in chronic illness for life threating issues and mobility impairment. Though there are lot of research literature evidencing the reduction of the health advantages of immigrants over time but it can be set as normalizing the health effect to that of Canadian context.. This normalizing effect is due to several factors like diet and physical activity which immigrant changes to that of Canadians and thereby increasing the chances of Canadian chronic diseases. Other factors can be delayed employment and inadequate income. Immigrant women being a sub- population of this group faces almost similar issues but also more aggravated ones. With the increased of feminized immigration in recent years. At present Statistics Canada 2011 display that female immigrants represent 21.2% of total female population. The projected growth as per stat Canada if this trend continues then in 2031 52.3% would be immigrant female with a representation of 27.4% of female population. This increased feminized immigration might pose critical
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