Immigrants As A Better Life For Their Future

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All people are diverse and come from many backgrounds. Most people settled here in America as an immigrant to start a better life for their future generations and for opportunities. Most people came here with nothing but bringing along their cultures, knowledge, beliefs and behaviors which they can be shared amongst others in groups and society. In society, starting with the earlier generation there was always shared culture of classes, although everyone portrays immigrants as the lowest status. They are always disliked particularly for coming here as an immigrant, even though most of their backgrounds or their parent’s background statuses were very much similar whether they want to admit it or not. It’s how they hold themselves in society. People are divided into different classes and treated differently. Most immigrants have to settle in, adapting to the American lifestyle, whether they like it or not, they’ll have to blend in and start off with low paying jobs and making new friends. Adapting to lifestyle, the choice of food and to how they communicate. It is always harder for immigrants to unite with everyone since people are so strict against immigrants; they judge them as outcasts by what they eat, what they wear and especially how one communicates. High culture/elites think they are higher ranking so therefore there is always miscommunication. They think they are way better and wouldn’t want except one another because of status or flaws. In the reading “Mother…

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