Immigrants Do Not Have The Best Employment Opportunities

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Immigrants do not have the best employment opportunities in America because they also have to support family members back home, and because they live in ethnic neighborhoods, where for some immigrants it’s easy to assimilate to American culture. There is a perception of the American Dream where families can get access to resources, education, housing and employment. With that perception in mind, many immigrant groups have migrated to the United States. We will focus on two groups: the Irish and the Chinese in the United States. The Great Famine in Ireland lasted from 1845-52. Poor people relied on potatoes for food and income. However, blight destroyed the potatoes and people starved to death, got sick and many emigrated. The Irish saw America as an opportunity to procure education and success. They pushed their children to get an education and were satisfied with them leaving. The English language was essential for those who wanted to emigrate. Some of the factors pushing Irish out of Ireland are marriage, education, very little employment and living conditions. These immigrants yearned for a life which can change their life, especially when America had opportunities available. Some of the pull factors driving immigrants to America are living conditions, letters sent by friends/family/relatives, education, social capital theory, culture and a chance to get married. Employment plays a large role, especially for those who don’t have much such as being able to
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