Immigrants From Latin America 's Annexation Of Mexico Essay

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Historically, Latinos have struggled against ethnic labeling, immigration as well challenges surrounding education. This can traced back to mid-19th century when according to Harvest of Empire America’s annexation of Mexico which gave the United States Texas, California, and the southwest. “Mexico’s territory was cut by half and its mineral resources by three-quarters. These appalling numbers help explain so much. In fact, you can arguably lay Mexico’s poverty and loss through emigration right at our doorstep. We got the land. We got the oilfields. So, when you hear talk of a wall at the border know that we also walled off prosperity a century-plus back” (Whittemore, para.1). Those who immigrated from Latin America and who settled within the United States are usually perceived in terms of their home nation, (e.g., Cuban Americans or Mexican Americans). Similarly, to European and Asian immigrants who were labeled as Italian Americans, Polish Americans, German Americans and Asian American’s. Currently, the tide of immigrants from Central and South America has increased substantially causing them to become the nation’s largest minority, bringing with them their culture, language, beliefs, and work ethics. Freese 2
Historically the United States economy and labor forces has comprised of Latinos, who were and continue to be

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