Immigrants In America

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Immigrants wanted to come to America to experience the good life and fulfill their dreams of becoming more prosper in the land of America. Looking for a better opportunity than farming in the rural lands was not enough for immigrants. “Between 1870-1990 the city became a symbol for new America”(Divine, page 439). The new innovative symbol of America created opportunities to have better jobs for immigrants that were coming from different parts of the world. Before the immigrants landed in America, they were hard workers and were seeking labor-intensive jobs. Since the city was changing with the construction of skyscrapers and streetcars being added the urban life was changing for many U.S born Americans. As the immigrants started to pour in, the “production of cars, cable lines, electric surface lines, elevators, row houses, and workers cottages”(Divine, page 440). The immigrants and working class started to have jobs that can prosper and make America rich. These jobs that were constructed around the streetcars and skyscrapers created a better society to build a society together. Immigrants became a blueprint for building and making America the best it can be. As newcomers started pouring in, mostly from the rural land that never saw such a big industrialized land. They were stunned by the “city lights, soda fountains, indoor plumbing, electricity, different flavors of ice cream, and lemons”(Divine, page 444). The immigrants were major job seekers especially the men because

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