Immigrating And The United States

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Immigrating to the United States
When I was seventeen years old and in my last year of high school, I came to the United States with my mother and left my father and siblings. When my mom immigrated in 2008, she left her business and decided to start a new adventure that might provide her more financial stability. Ever since I was a child, my family owned a furniture factory and a store. After my parent 's divorce, my mother kept the house and my father the company. Similarly, my mother opened her store for a few years and then a preschool, which was more related to her bachelor in psychology. However, my mother financial stability decreases after acquiring debts. My mother struggled with covering the preschool costs and providing for the
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However, I got used to getting free lunch instead of buying it, having a lesbian next to my gym locker, and seeing pregnant and pierced students. I connected this open-minded culture to the freedom of expression in all the sense of it meaning. Therefore, I embraced liberty and feeling of independence to the extent that at times was seen as rebellious by my mother. Certainly, I liked how diverse my group of friends became.
After graduating High School, I moved to Massachusetts with my step-father who I met when I was 13-14 years old. My mother moved a few months later. I moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts and applied to college at UMass Lowell and Merrimack College. I was encouraged to apply to a Community College because it was cheaper but I never liked the idea of a two years college for then transfer to another school. However, I started as a Biology major and pre-med student in Merrimack College but then had to transfer to UMass Lowell before my second semester. I moved because it was an expensive school to afford for a low-income student without a scholarship, and I also did not want to acquire a massive school loan debt before medical school. I transferred to UMass Lowell as a Biology major after my first semester of freshman year. I then became a Psychology major with a minor in Sociology and Developmental Studies and graduated in May 2016.
Moving to the United States implied a significant adaptation
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