Immigrating to Canada

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Emigrating from one's country to another causes many changes in the emigrating family, which can be dealt in a variety of manners. It has been demonstrated that the immigrants have a tough time adjusting into the country they have moved to. Each member of the immigrated families have an impact of moving in a different manner, for instance, children of such families have to keep the family rituals and customs while balancing out their school life on different scales. This literature review will address the financial and emotional impact of each family member of an immigrated family. The purpose is to understand that when immigrants first arrive in Canada or other developed nations, it is not easy for them to start a new life. It requires a great deal of effort and time to fit into a new society, especially for a middle aged person, who has spent her or his life in a very different manner. Currently Canada needs a big number of skilled immigrants because between now and 2021 many jobs are recognized to be unfilled, therefore1, Canadians need to understand the immigrants, and assist them hence, they can easily adapt to the new society.
Subtopic 1: Feelings of the new immigrants
Many immigrants come to Canada each year in order to make a better living. It is not easy to move to a new country and start a new life in a new environment hence, newcomers go through different emotions. According to the Government of Canada, Canadian population is approximately 31 million
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