Immigration : A Hot Topic On The United States

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Immigration continues to be a hot topic in the United States. The issue is a particularly sensitive one, as it affects matters such as national security, the economy, and the American way of life. Frustrated by Congress’ inaction, President Barack Obama is attempting to fix what many see as the broken immigration system, and one such move was through the executive actions he announced last November 20, which aims to provide relief from deportation for those who were brought to the country as children and their parents. Immigration has certainly not escaped the media’s attention, and it has spurred debate among people from all walks of life. Immigrants contribute significantly to the U.S. economy and culture, and it is the duty of Americans to embrace disadvantaged peoples; therefore, the government should strive to legalize the stay of law abiding foreigners. America is itself a country of immigrants. I see this in my own community every day, from employees in neighborhood restaurants and retail establishments to those who drive taxis and cut my hair. Throughout its history, the “land of the free” has welcomed people who have been persecuted or dealt with hardships in their countries of origin. Coming to mind are the Pilgrims from England who sought religious freedom, Cubans who were suffering from the Castro dictatorship, and refugees from certain countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia for humanitarian considerations. Legislators continue to be urged to pass
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