Immigration : A Nation Of Immigrants

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America may be a nation of immigrants, but they haven 't always welcomed newcomers with open arms. “Immigration has always been a political issue because government sets the numbers and rules for legal immigration. For a time during the 2008 presidential election, immigration was the most important issue for voters in several key agricultural states” ( “America 's racial and ethnic makeup has been evolving since Spanish settlers and American Indians first mingled in the 16th century in St. Augustine and Santa Fe, in what are now Florida and New Mexico. But in spite of our heritage as a nation of immigrants, Americans have often been wary about welcoming foreigners, both legal and illegal” ( Immigrants come from all over the world. They fled their country seeking to fulfill their wants and necessary needs to live, especially the ones with families. They come to America frequently and in big groups. Their intentions is just to give the best life that they can to their children or themselves. The United States offers great job opportunities and freedom to all these immigrants. “Many people see America as the land of opportunity - the land of milk and honey - the Promised Land. Whether this is true or not, it becomes a matter of personal experience. For many, the move to America may be the best thing they ever did, and these are the people who become successful in their endeavors. For other people, the move to America may become a
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