Immigration Across The United States

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In or Out? Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, both legal and illegal, come from all around the world to immigrate into the United States. For many people in the United States of America, upon hearing the word “immigrant” our minds go to Mexico and to all of the illegals who sneak and steal their way into our country. There is so much more to immigration than the people who are crossing our borders illegally. We are all immigrants, immigration runs in all of our families, we all have roots in some other place, on some other land. Unless a person is completely and fully Native American, how can we criticize present day immigrants? For many years past and for many years to come, America has welcomed new people from other lands into our homeland in hopes of finding their “American Dream” or in hopes of starting a better new life, how is it fair to those we don’t allow? Many Americans wonder why all immigrants do not just come to the United States legally or simply “get in line” to gain residence if they are undocumented and illegal. Yet few people actually understand how out-of-date the U.S. immigration system is and how it is unable to keep up with the strains of a growing and changing economy and to reflect the needs of our diverse nation. Many Americans believe that getting legal access to our country is just as easy as filling out a form or standing in a few short lines, but by no means is it that simple at all! Most illegal aliens do not have the necessary
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