Immigration Advantages And Disadvantages

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The immigration of many people to Britain has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

A rather negative impact of the ethnic diversity in London is the demand for housing after the arrival of immigrants. Immigrants usually arrive in large numbers, meaning that there is a sudden high demand for housing. As there the supply doesn’t match the demand, the housing market is put under pressure and as a result, the house prices are increased. In the last ten years, the prices of houses in London have risen by 230%, while the house prices of the UK average rose by 185%. The overcrowding and the augmented house prices in London force Londoners, who have low-paid jobs, to move to the outskirts of London. These people can’t keep up with the increasing
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The government is obligated to construct social houses for the asylum-seeking migrants, which causes the immigration-related tensions to increase. A feeling of anxiety and threat is induced because of the competition for the scarce amount of houses that are available. Many Londoners, who struggle but work extremely hard to keep a roof over their heads, find it unjust that the government is building social houses for foreigners, who don’t have jobs. These British people live in critical and appalling conditions and very little is done to help them. It therefore doesn’t come as unexpected that these citizens don’t accept the support the government is offering to migrants. The Londoners feel neglected as a…show more content…
Many British feel threatened by the immigrants; they believe that immigrants are “milking out” their resources. These resources include school places, housing, and the NHS. With the rapid increase of immigrants, British born people feel bombarded with foreign faces and therefore, are anxious to lose their social identity. Such perceived threats lead to the forming of far-right organisations, for example, the English Defence League. The group was founded in 2009 as a reaction against the extremist Muslim demonstration in Luton and while it stands for traditional British values, it opposes Islam extremists. It isn’t of much help either that the prime minister of Great Britain opposes immigration. On the 12th of December Theresa May said, “immigration displaces British workers, forces people onto benefits and suppresses wages for the low-paid”. This statement illustrates the British attitude towards migrants and reinforces the belief that immigration has a malign effect on
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