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Immigrants to American Nativist
Immigration and the laws that surround it have been a controversial topic in the United States of America for many centuries. The United States was founded by immigrants and slaves from all over the world who were either in pursuit of better opportunities or who were brought to America against their will to work the lands. The first wave of immigrants to enter the U.S came from northern and western European heritage. The majority of these early immigrants arrived in America for religious freedom. In the first quarter of the 1900’s the United States experienced one of the largest waves of immigrants, over 20,000,000 Europeans (70% from southern and eastern Europe) arrived in America ( The migration of so many people with different religious and political ideas than those already established in America along with other factors created discourse and unwarranted fear of immigrants (Young, 218). During this transformation period, immigration laws which were typically handled at state level were being created and enacted at the federal level. Unfortunately, American Nativism, race, religion and culture were many of the key factors as to why the Immigration Act of 1924 was passed by the American government with overwhelming support by its constituents (Kalaitzids et al., 59).
The Immigration Act of 1924 had several names that it was known by such as the National Origins Act, The Rogers Act and The Johnson-Reed Act. The act was passed
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