Immigration, American Muslims, And Gun Ownership

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Immigrants, American-Muslims and Gun Ownership in the US Chuka Nestor Emezue Prepared for Dr. Claire E. Altman Research Methods and Inquiry in Public Affairs II Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs University of Missouri April 26, 2016 Introduction Following recent noncombatant shootings in the US, President Obama publicized a menu of executive actions to curb the rising spate of gun-violence incidents. Given the chance to vote "for" or "against" each of nine key proposals included in President Barack Obama 's plan to reduce gun violence, Americans backed all nine proposals. One highlight of said gun-control campaign was the expansion of background check protocol, this ordinance made for a typical spike in reported background checks and gun sales in 2015. New federal data shows 2015 was a record-smashing year for the American firearms industry, with gun sales appearing to hit the highest level on record. Invariably, most gun shows, ranges and gun shops have explicitly become ‘Muslim Free Zones’. Some gun vendors have gone ahead to institute policies banning licensed American Muslims from owning guns on the basis of religious bigotry and prejudice, without marginal considerations for the tenets of the Second Amendment. Still, a study by the START Center at the University of Maryland found that there have been more cases of individual/domestic radicalization from the far-right Americans than among Muslims in the United States. Twenty-five
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