Immigration : An Influential Aspect Of American History

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Throughout American history, immigration has been a constant and significant force in the country. From the early beginnings of the nation in the seventeenth century to the present day, millions of people, from a variety of different and distinct nations and cultures, made the great journey to the United States to pursue greater economic and social opportunities. Immigration has been an influential aspect of American history. These immigrants have enhanced and contributed greatly to the fabric and the story of America. They have brought with them diversity and aspects of their cultures that made America the great melting pot that it is today (Connelly 174). They have also brought with them economic benefits to the country. Immigration is a crucial and a positive influence on the United States.
Immigration has increased diversity within this nation. To many, America is considered a melting pot, a place where people of different backgrounds are able to come together as a common culture. Since its colonial period, America has been a home and a safe haven for numerous groups of immigrants. According to Mark Connelly`s book, The Sundance Writer, “Since its founding, the United States has absorbed waves of new arrivals from around the world” (173). Immigrant groups viewed this land as a prominent and vast place where they can prosper, create exceptional and joyous lives, evade religious and political persecution in their home countries, and construct better communities under a
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