Immigration And Citizenship

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Immigration and Citizenship in Ancient Rome and Today An issue that has always been of concern in America is that of Immigration, and citizenship. The United States has at times been a blessed sanctuary for those of foreign nationalities, and has at others been an unwelcoming, ostracizing place. However, for most of our history, the rights and privileges of United States citizenship have been an alluring proposition for those of more underprivileged means. The same could be said about the rights and privileges of Roman citizenship in ancient times. The infrastructure, safety and freedoms of Rome and the Roman government where unmatched. When a nation attracts large masses the way that the United States does and the way that Rome once did, the dilemma occurs of how exactly to go about allowing people to immigrate to, and gain citizenship into the nation. Ancient Rome had very clear regulations for dealing with these issue, and today, the United States does as well. If one were a person living in the middle to eastern part of Europe from roughly 700 B.C.E to 450 A.D., there were many ways one could have come across Rome. One may have heard stories of a warring nation, within which there is revolutionary government, revolutionary civil rights for the time, and rich commerce, one may simply live near the nation, and have found yourself interested, or alternatively, one could be the former citizen of a nation or sovereignty which Rome has just conquered. In any of these
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